These are the general myths about Ransomware


Many companies, irrespective of the investment and size, are in an illusion that ransomware attackers do not target them, as they are not a popular company and do not have a business stature that could attract the attention of hackers. In this below article, let us discuss on some of such myths that are keeping the CIOs and CTOs in dark.

My organization is safe- This is a common myth among CTOs that since their organization is small and isn’t dealing with sensitive data, it cannot fall into the eyes of hackers. But this notion is false as SMBs are 3 times more like to face ransomware attacks than large corporations as they do not have skilled staff to deal with situations and so cannot follow basic cybersecurity measures, due to budget crunch.

Ransomware menace ends by paying money- This is completely false, as hackers can target n number of times, as soon as they realize their target can oblige their requests at any cost. Second, cost of disruption, recovery, downtime loss for days might end a company pay a hefty price that could go beyond their annual budget and cripple them so much that they could fall flat and might say a goodbye to business.

Phishing is the major cause for ransomware. Remember, phishing is one way to download ransomware onto a device directly. Weak passwords, configuration blunders, vulnerabilities can also lead to deep troubles.

An anti-malware solution can shield a network from many ransomware– this is completely false, as there is no such silver bullet to eradicate ransomware under any circumstances.  And every month, at least 3 newly developed ransomware are entering the web to disrupt companies and mint money as ransom.

A single backup is safe–According to security experts, a company has to maintain at least 2 online and 1 offline backup to recover from ransomware attacks. So, one copy of backup doesn’t work in practical and it makes sense to invest in cloud-based solutions, as the pain of maintaining such a solution gets eradicated to a large extent.


Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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