NSO Group

Israel to keep a vigil on cyber software exports

All those governments and countries planning to buy any kind of software from Israel-based companies will have to sign an agreement from now on that they will not misuse the purchased software and will abide by the conditions laid in the agreement at the time of purchase. The Defense Ministry of Israel announced on Monday […]

New CEO of the company that produced Pegasus spying Malware quits

The newly appointed CEO of NSO Group that produced Pegasus Spying malware has submitted his resignation on Monday this week. The development was observed after his company was added to the list of United States Department of Commerce Blacklist, putting a big dent to the business of the American software maker. Isaac Benbenisti was announced […]

US Trade ban on NSO Group for producing Spyware

NSO Group that is struck in a legal controversy for producing Pegasus Spyware has received a ban from United States and has been added to the US Trade Blacklist. So, from now on the company cannot buy any goods, services or licenses from the American companies and cannot sell its spyware on the American soil. […]

Hackers install surveillance malware on WhatsApp installed Smartphones

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is back in news, but for all wrong reasons. The popular messaging platform is said to be allowing hackers to install surveillance software on phones and other devices triggering a major vulnerability threat among millions using the popular messaging platform. According to a report from Financial Times(FT), the threat was actually developed by […]

Israel firm which hacks iPhones triggers security fears for Apple Inc

NSO Group, an Israel based cyber surveillance company which is renowned to crack Apple iPhones and Android Smartphones has become a menace to the whole of Apple Inc, as reported by Forbes. Yes, you’ve read it right and the saga goes as follows- A 37-year old hacker who worked for NSO Group previously is said […]

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