NSO Group of Pegasus Spyware wanted to access global signaling network

According to a whistle-blowers confession, NSO Group offered millions of dollars in cash to a global telecom company to access a signaling network technically dubbed as SS7 that could then track individuals through their smart phones. The whistle-blower who is yet to be questioned by the USS Department of Justice admitted on Thursday last week, […]

FBI still unsure about Israel Phantom Spyware

After spending a time span of two full years on thinking, US’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is still unsure on whether to buy Phantom Spyware from the Israeli firm NSO Group or not. FYI, NSO Group claims to have developed the best spying tool (as Phantom) that has the potential to hack into any […]

Facebook sues Israeli firm NSO for spying on 1400 targets via WhatsApp malware

Facebook has issued a press update yesterday saying that an Israeli firm named NSO group has used malware tactics to spy on 1400 targets across the world between April- May 2019 via WhatsApp. The social networking giant is intending to sue the firm for carrying malpractices and will be contacting all affected customers individually by […]

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