Facebook sues Israeli firm NSO for spying on 1400 targets via WhatsApp malware


Facebook has issued a press update yesterday saying that an Israeli firm named NSO group has used malware tactics to spy on 1400 targets across the world between April- May 2019 via WhatsApp. The social networking giant is intending to sue the firm for carrying malpractices and will be contacting all affected customers individually by detailing them about the cyber attack.


Chances are high that Facebook might intend to block the company soon from using its service on a permanent note as it has violated laws including the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.


News is out that a research company named Citizen Lab has given a hint about the breach to Facebook early last week after it was hired to survey some of the users of WhatsApp.


It is said that at least 100 cases of journalists or human rights activists were targeted by the attack which took place across 20 different countries including Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.


Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that NSO indulged in spying deeds after it was acquired by Novalpina Capital, a private firm from London.


Note 1- NSO is widely known to sell spying software to government agencies and hackers across the world. However, the company claims that its company’s objective is to sell its spyware strictly to government clients only and has secured a license to do from the Israeli Government.


Note 2- NSO is reported to have carried surveillance through its Pegasus spyware on a small section of WhatsApp users by hacking into the smartphones of users through a mobile security flaw. But as the activity done by orders from any government is yet to be probed by Facebook.

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