Personal Data Privacy: Trends, Challenges, and Solutions

In an increasingly interconnected world, personal data privacy has become a growing concern that resonates with virtually every individual and organization. One company aiming to solve the data privacy challenge is OneRep, a firm focused on privacy and personal information removal from various online platforms and services. In a recent interview with Mark Kapczynski, SVP […]

Combating Cybercrime in the Age of Remote Work

By Dimitri Shelest, Founder and CEO of OneRep The increase in remote and hybrid work since the COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized the way that companies operate. It has also introduced a new array of cybersecurity threats. Bad actors have more weak points to target companies than ever before. They also have more ammunition. The internet […]

One Overlooked Element of Executive Safety: Data Privacy

By Dimitri Shelest, Founder and CEO of OneRep Companies go to great lengths to protect their top executives. Keeping them safe, healthy and happy so they can perform their duties without unnecessary distractions is critical for the productivity of the company. At one time, executive protection meant providing bodyguards and secure transit, and fortifying executive […]

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