This post was originally published here by (ISC)² Management. While C-level executives understand the need for cybersecurity as their organizations undergo digital transformation, they aren’t prioritizing it enough, according to a recent Deloitte report based on a survey of 500 executives. The report, “The Future of Cyber Survey 2019,” reveals a disconnect between organizational aspirations […]

Diligent Employees make firms vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

A survey conducted by EY Global Information Security says that diligent employees of organizations often make firms vulnerable to cyber attacks. So, the firm has specified in its Indian edition survey that untrained and unaware employees often prove as biggest cyber threats to their organizations. Burgess Cooper, the Cybersecurity partner of EY Global has come […]

China launches Cyber Attacks on Australian firms

China is reported to have launched repeated cyber attacks on firms operating in Australia which is a clear-cut breach of the bilateral agreement made by the two countries to not steal commercial secrets of each other. This news was disclosed to the world after the discovery of the facts in an investigation launched by Fairfax […]

Cloud security landscape – what do organizations really need?

This post was originally published here by jeffb. You probably don’t associate the 2001 smash hit Shrek with cloud security, but consider the below quote: “Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. You get it? We both have layers.” – Shrek “Oh, you both have layers. Oh you know, not everybody likes onions. Cake! Everybody loves cake! Cakes […]

Charity based organizations in the UK are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

A recent survey conducted by UK based organizations which are into charity and philanthropic activities have confirmed that most of these organizations are vulnerable to cyber attacks. This report quotes that charities are at risk because they lack basic cyber defenses which are needed in today’s digital world and are often found to outsource such […]

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