Apple to launch app that will have ability to generate and store passwords

Apple Inc is gearing up to introduce its own password management application at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference, aiming to tackle user frustrations with passwords. While other tech companies are exploring passwordless technologies like passkeys for more secure login methods, Apple is set to unveil its dedicated password manager. While there’s been no official confirmation […]

UK says NO to ransom passwords such as admin, 123456 and qwerty

The United Kingdom has recently passed a groundbreaking data security bill, marking a significant milestone globally. This legislation takes a firm stance on enhancing cybersecurity by prohibiting the use of common and easily guessable passwords, a move aimed at fortifying digital defenses against potential breaches. Effective immediately, all online entities, including services, organizations, and individuals, […]

How companies should recover when password breach occurs

Undoubtedly, every business worldwide is susceptible to cyber attacks and data breaches. The imperative response lies in implementing proactive measures to safeguard against such attacks and establishing an efficient disaster recovery plan for unforeseen events. Addressing password breaches, hackers frequently employ phishing schemes to manipulate employees into surrendering crucial credentials, such as login information. These […]

Exploring Secure Alternatives to Traditional Passwords

In an era dominated by digital interactions, the need for robust online security measures is more crucial than ever. Passwords, once the primary guardians of our digital realms, are facing increasing vulnerabilities, prompting a search for more secure alternatives. Let’s delve into some innovative security alternatives that promise to enhance the protection of our digital […]

How to craft a password meticulously

In today’s digital landscape, many online service providers offer the convenience of using a single password across multiple services. A prime example of this is Google, which allows users to access various platforms like Gmail, Drive, Google Photos, Maps, Sheets, and more with a single login. In this era of interconnected digital services, the art […]

Amazon Web Services launches European Sovereign Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the American technology giant, has launched an exclusive European Sovereign Cloud to meet the needs of its European customer base. This new cloud infrastructure will operate independently and is designed to address the evolving concerns regarding data residency and resiliency for AWS customers in the European Union (EU). In simple terms, […]

Netflix password sharing crackdown yields excellent results

For all those who were accustomed to sharing their Netflix passwords with friends and family, here’s an important update on how the company has taken action against this practice. Netflix released an official statement last Wednesday, indicating that its efforts to curb password sharing have been highly successful, resulting in the addition of approximately 8.8 […]

One Password can cause huge damage to reputation of an Individual and Company

According to an expert from ESET, a single password can cause more damage than expected. Security specialist Jake Moore suggests that cyber criminals can easily steal data if they gain access to a password related to an email account. As a result, there is a high demand for email credentials on the dark web, with […]

Password security tips to keep data safe from hackers

As the world is going ahead with digitalization, keeping data safe from hackers and prying eyes is also becoming a tedious task. So, this article aims to educate consumers and businesses around the world to protect themselves against the growing number of data breaches with a secure password(pwd). 1) First never use a combination of […]

Netflix password paid sharing amuses consumers to a certain extent

From March 2023, that is within 30 days, Netflix, the world-renowned streaming service provider, is all set to enforce a ban on password sharing. As it not only blocks its revenue stream but also creates multiple security issues that hackers can easily exploit, as each account has sensitive details such as email, phone number and […]

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