Cyber Security Alert- Russian hackers selling passwords and email addresses for just £2

Hackers from Russia are nowadays selling extremely sensitive data including passwords and email addresses of some of the country’s most powerful officials. This includes high profile politicians from the UK, US, Canada, Germany, and France. And as per the sources of the Cybersecurity Insiders, the data was realized from a large number of reliable resources […]

Wipro research says 1 out of every 2 cyber attacks saw Password Breach

Wipro, the Asia-based IT giant recently conducted a research on cyber attacks and came to a conclusion that 1 out of every 2 cyber attacks witnessed a password breach. The Cybersecurity Report of 2017 released by Wipro says that 56% of breaches were related to passwords implying that further damage could be committed by hackers […]

Remember This: Hackers Like Strong Passwords, Too

In late 2016, a huge data breach occurred. More than 412 million accounts were affected when hackers got into FriendFinder Networks.   According to sources, approximately a million of those accounts had the password ‘123456,’ and approximately 100,000 has the password that was simply, ‘password.’ This, of course, is despite the efforts from pros about […]

Positive Password Psychology

There was an interesting study conducted some years ago. In that study, young participants were asked a series of questions. The ostensible purpose of the study was to find out the answers to the questions. As with most of those cheeky study authors, the real purpose was to measure the effect of “behavioral priming”. The […]

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