Phishing attacks

UK populace should know about Ofgem Phishing Attacks

UK populace should know about a phishing scam that is taking place in the name of the Office of Gas and Electronics Markets, aka Ofgem. As hackers are sending Ofgem emails claiming to give rebates on the monthly bill and diverting them to a fake website that asks for bank account details for a reimbursement […]

Globally operating billions of Android phones are vulnerable to OTA Phishing Attacks

According to a research carried out by Checkpoint researchers, all the Android phones operating across the world are vulnerable to Over-the-Air (OTA) Phishing attacks which cyber crooks can carry out with just a $10 investment. Technically speaking, OTA provisioning is done in smartphones for the mobile network carriers to send network-specific settings which apply to […]

A gist on Polymorphic Phishing Cyber Attacks

Polymorphic Phishing Cyber Attack is a kind of email phishing attack where malevolent emails are sent to multiple users with slight changes being made to the email such as modifying sender name, sender address, subject greeting, email body or signature. Ironscales, an Israel based Cybersecurity firm which was working on introducing an anti-phishing platform discovered […]

UK TV License website glitch makes 40,000 households vulnerable to Hackers

In Britain and the territories attached to it on Coast, every household watching or recording television content during broadcast needs to hold a television license to do so. It is like a legal permission given by the Broadcasting authority to watch the content via terrestrial, satellite, cable or internet. Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that nearly […]

Here are the most common email phishing subject lines

In technical terms, email phishing is nothing but an attempt to obtain sensitive info such as usernames and passwords and credit card details by disguising an email link to be sent from a trustworthy entity in an electronic form. This includes links connecting to websites that distribute malware, that are nefarious, X-rated and which conduct […]

Gmail users vulnerable to the following phishing Cyber Attacks

Gmail users can easily be vulnerable to a phishing cyber attack which looks so convincing that it tricks users into giving their Google Accounts login details. So, all you users of Google’s email service you better be aware of this phishing cyber scam. The details of the said vulnerability are as follows- The attack takes […]

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