UK populace should know about Ofgem Phishing Attacks


UK populace should know about a phishing scam that is taking place in the name of the Office of Gas and Electronics Markets, aka Ofgem. As hackers are sending Ofgem emails claiming to give rebates on the monthly bill and diverting them to a fake website that asks for bank account details for a reimbursement to be disbursed later.

In reality, Ofgem is not sending such emails to any of the populace and has termed such scams as minting platforms to steal sensitive information.

Action Fraud Police of the UK has confirmed the news and said that they have received around 720 complaints from the start of this year and the number might increase as scammers are pressurizing victims to submit details by this month’s end to claim a rebate in energy bills.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK, announced a rebate in energy bills to eligible from mid this year as he wanted to protect his needy populace from the pangs of surging inflation.

Scammers are seen using his words to create £200 to £250 council tax rebates in their monthly energy bills that are actually a malicious scheme to gain sensitive financial details.

NOTE- Phishing scams, also called phishing attacks, are fraudulent practices carried out by hackers to send deceitful communications appearing to come from genuine sources. Such scams are usually carried out via email or SMS to steal sensitive info, like bank account details, card details, or login info. And sometimes, the click of the link in the email can download and install malware on the victim’s device.


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