Beware of these 10 email phishing subject lines

Want to keep your PC or network safe from phishing attacks. Then beware of these 10 email phishing subject lines, as they can not only prove notorious (by spreading malware infection to PCs) but can be used to drain down your bank accounts. 1.)    Password check or change of password is required immediately2.)    A delivery […]

A surge in Smishing Cyber Attacks

Smishing or technically called as phishing attacks via Short Messages are on the rise says a research conducted by cybersecurity firm ESET. The attack horizon is simple, a user is tricked into downloading a Trojan horse, virus or other malware onto a smartphone and the malware tends to transmit all sensitive info to remote servers […]

Five Ways to Improve Enterprise Email Security

Email is still the main source of communication for enterprises and most businesses. However, employees go about their daily routine sending, receiving, and opening emails and attachments with little to no thought of the potential risk that unsecured emails can do to the enterprise. Email security is a critical risk for many businesses. In fact, […]

Google Security Report brands phishing as biggest Cyber Threat!

Google in association with the University of California conducted a recent study in which it discovered how user accounts are being hijacked in practical. Thus, in this process, the web search giant came to a conclusion that many users were following a procedure of using a single login to access different web services. And this […]

Phishing email subject lines which launch Ransomware

The Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report states that ransomware is growing at an annual rate of 350 percent. Means, ransomware has turned into a game changer in the world of cyber crime. Therefore, enterprises all over the world are seeing ‘ransomware’ as a big threat to their digital assets. Reason-the said malware not only has […]

The Best Gmail Phishing Scam Ever!

If you use Gmail, pay attention! Security experts have announced that there is a very effective phishing scam out there, and you are a target. This scam, which has only been growing over the past couple of months, is also hitting other email providers, too. However, it’s quite difficult to detect. According to researchers at […]

Hackers launch cyber attacks on Gmail Accounts

Just a couple of hours ago Internet Juggernaut Google has issued a warning against a notorious cyber attack targeting Gmail Accounts. The web services giant said that a malicious email campaign was spreading through the internet like wildfire in the disguise of an invitation to Google Doc and was mainly targeting school staff and students […]

Most Dangerous Cyber Security Threats of 2017!

In the world of Cyber Security, hackers are always busy circumventing various cyber defenses and Security companies are always found racing to react to these emerging cyber threats. Intel Security, in its latest report, has listed out the following as the new cyber security threats of 2017 and the list starts with- Ransomware- Holding organizations […]

Top 3 Social Engineering Scams

Think about hackers breaking into accounts. If you think they need top-notch computer skills, you would be wrong. These days, instead of requiring skills behind a keyboard, hackers generally rely on strategy…specifically a strategy called social engineering. This means that hackers don’t have to be technical, but they DO have to be clever and crafty […]

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