Phishing email alert- Beware of these email subject lines before opening them

Nowadays, phishing emails have become an earning source for cyber crooks, as they lure innocent online users into clicking malicious links or malware. Recent research conducted by Barracuda Networks on more than half a million emails has given a conclusion that often people fall prey to 12 most common yet dangerous email subject- lines which […]

Greatest cyber threats which trended on the Valentine’s Day

We all know that retailers, flower shops, online dating sites, and restaurants make the most of Valentine’s Day. But can you imagine that the day meant for reminiscing of love is also proving a boon to hackers these days? According to Comodo Cybersecurity, the 3 greatest cyber threats which trended this year on the Valentine’s […]

Canada’s Coast Capital Savings becomes a victim of Cyber Attack

Surrey-based Coast Capital Savings was subjected to a cyber attack recently and news is out that the hackers managed to siphon thousands of dollars from accounts of more than 140 members in between November and December last year. Though the total amount stolen is yet to be known, highly placed sources say that each member […]

CryptoMix ransomware masquerades in Phishing Children’s Charity Program

Cyber Crooks have shown their malicious skills again by developing a new strain of ransomware and circulating it through a phishing children’s charity program. Cyber Security firm Covewave was the first to discover the fictitious activity and notify it to the world. So, kudos to its researchers! Sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that the […]

Most Google trended Cybersecurity keywords in 2018

As Donald Trump and the word ‘Idiot’ are currently trending the most on Google search engine, Cybersecurity Insiders brings to you the most searched keywords related to Cybersecurity which trended on Google in 2018. Cyptojacking- The word started to lead the trending list from May 2018 and is still said to be buzzing on the […]

Microsoft, PayPal, and Google top the table of Phishing Email trends

Comodo Cybersecurity, a company which offers threat intelligence and cyber defense services have announced that one in 100 emails received by companies is of Phishing genre. And the most frequently targeted brands are Microsoft(19%) , PayPal(17%) and Google(9.7%). According to the latest Global Threat Report from Comodo Cybersecurity, the three phishing subject-lines ranking at the […]

Cyber Attack news for the day

Topeka Utilities Department has suffered a cyber attack recently in which data of more than 10,000 Topekans got exposed. A statement released on Monday says that the data breach occurred between Oct 31 and Dec 7 impacting all the users who used the city’s website for payment of utility bills via Central Square. Molly Hadfield, […]

Massachusetts Community College loses $800,000 Via Phishing Email Cyber Attack

A Community College in Massachusetts is said to lose $807,130 due to a cyber attack say sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders. Cape Cod Community College is the educational institution in discussion and the incident is said to have occurred last month due to a phishing email. As said in the earlier paragraph, the cyber attack […]

Is Email becoming the biggest Cyber Threat

In this digital world, Email has become the most cost-effective channel for cybercrooks to make money. And that’s because it is very easy to gain financial value by siphoning someone else’s monetary and personal data via emails. A survey conducted recently says that 57% of respondents admitted that their company has experienced a phishing attack […]

Hackers spread ransomware by these 4 methods

Ransomware spreading hackers are getting sophisticated day by day and no organization seems to be immune to such cyber attacks. In this article, we will discuss the popular methods through which hackers are spreading ransomware to corporate networks. Hope, it helps companies which are in search of ways to isolate their corporate IT infrastructure from […]

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