Google asks users to be aware of Phishing Attacks on Google Drive

Google is urging users to beware of the phishing attacks that are taking place on Google Drive. In what is known to our Cybersecurity Insiders, hackers are seen launching phishing campaigns against Google Drive users by sending them email’s filled with malicious links and locking them from their accounts thereafter. Going by the details, a […]

Beware of this web-based Microsoft Help Desk

A research carried out by a security firm has discovered a fraudulent help desk that is being circulated on the web through phishing email campaigns. And the highlight of this campaign is that it is running in the name of tech giant Microsoft and in disguise of a critical ransomware update that is essential for […]

WhatsApp Good Morning messages filled with Chinese Phishing Cyber Attacks

From the year 2018 there has been a WhatsApp message doing rounds on an occasional note that those who send “Good Morning” and “Good Evening” photos, and GIFs downloaded from internet might become a victim of a cyber fraud perpetuated by Chinese hackers. An international news resource from Shanghai confirmed the report and posted it […]

US SEC issues Cybersecurity warning on Ransomware and Phishing Attacks

US SEC has issued a Cybersecurity warning to all its advisors and brokerage dealers about a possible Phishing and Ransomware attack on their IT Infrastructure. The Financial agency has warned that one or more threat actors could use various fraudulent techniques to infiltrate into networks of financial institutes causing severe harm to digital assets. According […]

China to teach a lesson to India through a Major Cyber Attack

After receiving a lot of flak from India and across the world over the recent border issue, the Chinese government seems to be planning of retaliating to the criticism with intense Cyber Warfare.   According to Times Now, a Singapore based Cybersecurity Firm named CyFirma is said to have issued an intense warning to all […]

Phishing Threats Increase with COVID 19 Outbreak

The recent COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way that businesses are operating around the entire country. Some businesses are forced to temporarily shut down, while others are trying to adjust to the changes of working remote and innovating new and unique ways to operate their business. Every business has been affected by this pandemic outbreak, […]

Google to warn users on Phishing websites

American Web Search giant Google has decided to safeguard its users against phishing scams by offering them a new real-time alert system. This technology is aimed to alert users when they visit phony web pages, and online forms were entering personal data such as passwords that could prove disastrous.   As website sophistication has exploded […]

Phishing email attack on Australian National University

A phishing email sent to a senior staff member is said to lead to the data leak of sensitive details from the database of Australian National University(ANU). Authorities confirm that Chinese hackers or a state-funded actor could be behind the cyber attack and the motive was to steal the rich trove of critical data related […]

Dubai Cheers Exhibition lost $53,000 due to Phishing Cyber Attack

UAE based company Cheers Exhibition which is into stand building business for companies hosting their products & services at exhibitions has admitted that it has become a victim of a phishing cyber attack recently. And as per the latest update released to the media, its website has been pulled down as the website content holding […]

Over 1.5 Billion Gmail and Google Calendar users are vulnerable to cyber attacks

Google which received an alert in 2017 that more than 1.5 billion of its Gmail and Calendar users were vulnerable to credential steal attacks has finally reacted to the news now and has released a press statement on this regard early today. The statement says that Google offers Cybersecurity protections to users who are using […]

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