Google to use Apple iPhones and Android devices to block Phishing Attacks

Google has made it official that it is going to use Apple iPhones and Android Devices as physical devices that could help in preventing phishing attacks on users using its web services. The plan is to use the mobile phones as physical keys such as Titan Keys to eliminate any kind of man-in-the-middle-attacks. All these […]

NHS Email Servers used for Phishing Attacks

Cybercriminals reportedly hacked UK’s National Health Service, shortly dubbed NHS to launch over 1000 phishing emails from the compromised servers. This incident was discovered by a research firm named Inky and it confirmed that the illegal access to the servers was carried out for a time frame of six months ending in March this year. […]

LinkedIn tops the Phishing Email list

LinkedIn is known as a professional social networking website that helps to connect companies with experienced professionals. But in the past few months, the company’s name is being used by cyber criminals as the most spoofed brand to send phishing emails. Check Point, a security-based research firm found in its analysis that LinkedIn’s name is […]

Microsoft Windows 11 will have more protection against cyber threats

All those who are about to purchase a Windows 11 loaded PC; here’s a news piece to rejoice. Microsoft has issued an official statement that Win 11 machines will get more security improvements in upcoming releases, adding more protection to existing cyber threats, better encryption and will auto-block malicious apps and drivers from being downloaded […]

Covid Omicron variant leads to Phishing Cyber Attacks

All you populace out in UK, please be aware that some online fraudsters are launching phishing email attacks in the name of NHS distributing free PCR testing kits to detect the latest Omicron Corona Virus variant. Which? a data advocacy group discovered the attack and alerted all online users that they should not believe the […]

US Military families targeted by Phishing Cyber Attacks

Some military personnel and their families(say about 23) in United States are being constantly targeted by phishing campaigns launched by a notorious online criminal gang from Nigeria that is habituated to ignore the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act and such. Reports are now in that they have gained monetary benefits from the attacks to a certain […]

Google asks users to be aware of Phishing Attacks on Google Drive

Google is urging users to beware of the phishing attacks that are taking place on Google Drive. In what is known to our Cybersecurity Insiders, hackers are seen launching phishing campaigns against Google Drive users by sending them email’s filled with malicious links and locking them from their accounts thereafter. Going by the details, a […]

Beware of this web-based Microsoft Help Desk

A research carried out by a security firm has discovered a fraudulent help desk that is being circulated on the web through phishing email campaigns. And the highlight of this campaign is that it is running in the name of tech giant Microsoft and in disguise of a critical ransomware update that is essential for […]

WhatsApp Good Morning messages filled with Chinese Phishing Cyber Attacks

From the year 2018 there has been a WhatsApp message doing rounds on an occasional note that those who send “Good Morning” and “Good Evening” photos, and GIFs downloaded from internet might become a victim of a cyber fraud perpetuated by Chinese hackers. An international news resource from Shanghai confirmed the report and posted it […]

US SEC issues Cybersecurity warning on Ransomware and Phishing Attacks

US SEC has issued a Cybersecurity warning to all its advisors and brokerage dealers about a possible Phishing and Ransomware attack on their IT Infrastructure. The Financial agency has warned that one or more threat actors could use various fraudulent techniques to infiltrate into networks of financial institutes causing severe harm to digital assets. According […]

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