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Google Play Protect, its Chrome $5 billion lawsuit and replacing 30K jobs with AI

Google, the ubiquitous web search giant deeply ingrained in our daily lives, has unveiled plans to usher in a new era by replacing over 30,000 jobs with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This strategic move aims to enhance operational efficiency and improve customer service on a global scale. Anticipated to roll out by November 2024, this […]

Mobile Security features of Google Play Protect are termed to be worse!

Germany based AV-Test organization which evaluates antivirus solutions meant for Microsoft and Android operating systems has termed Google Play Protect’s mobile security feature as one of the worst solutions available in the Android market.  AV-test is said to have come to the said conclusion after testing more than 3,016 samples of the latest Android Malware […]

Google to certify smartphones under ‘Play Protect’ mobile security strategy

Internet Juggernaut Google has finally decided to certify smart phones under ‘Play Protect’ mobile security strategy. So, from now on Google will provide certification to mobile phone makers based on their performance to Google’s security criteria. The web services giant plans to give security certification will be given under the Google Play Protect- an Android […]

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