Essential programming languages to be learnt by Cybersecurity Professionals

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, proficiency in programming languages has be-come indispensable for professionals seeking to defend against digital threats effectively. Whether you’re securing networks, analyzing malware, or developing security tools, mastering certain programming languages can significantly enhance your capabilities. Here are some essential programming languages for cybersecurity professionals: Python: Widely regarded as one […]

Australian government announces Cyber Security skills program

Australian government has for the first time announced a cyber security skills program that will act as a $14.9 million initiative in training and hiring fresh batch of professional talent in Cybersecurity Science. Questcon’s Cyber Ready Program that has study material and training modules for students across primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. Melissa Price, the […]

Google paid $15 million through its Vulnerability Reward Program

Google announced last week that its Vulnerability Rewards Program launched in the year 2010 has seen an eighth-year last year on a consecutive note and paid out $15 million in rewards. The rewards include a spend of $3.4 million to 1300 hackers from over 78 countries across the globe who revealed vulnerabilities in Android and […]

CryptoMix ransomware masquerades in Phishing Children’s Charity Program

Cyber Crooks have shown their malicious skills again by developing a new strain of ransomware and circulating it through a phishing children’s charity program. Cyber Security firm Covewave was the first to discover the fictitious activity and notify it to the world. So, kudos to its researchers! Sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that the […]

Tesla is paying freelance hackers $500,000 a year to notify security flaws

Electric Car making company Tesla and some other multinationals based in America are said to be paying freelance hackers $500,000 a year to notify security flaws and report the same to them with ‘ethics’. However, the companies are not hiring anyone with ease. As they are found filtering only the talent which made success in […]

Samsung announces $200,000 Mobile Security Rewards Program

Electronics Giant Samsung has announced a $200,000 Mobile Security program where security experts will be rewarded for exposing vulnerabilities in Samsung smart phones and tablets. Depending on the severity level of the vulnerability, the rewards will range from $200 and $200,000 for qualified security reports submitted through proper channel. The lists of products which are […]

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