WhatsApp Proxy Servers Connect details

WhatsApp, the messaging platform now owned by Facebook parent Meta, has made it official that its users will now-on be allowed to connect their accounts to proxy servers. However, the new rule only applies to nations where censorship is high, like China, and in places, internet shutdowns are frequent, like in Iran. Means, WhatsApp users […]

7 Reasons Why Proxy-based CASBs are Required for Office 365

This post was originally published here by Rich Campagna. A competing CASB vendor blogged recently on why proxy-based Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) shouldn’t be used for Office 365. The post cites “7 reasons,” all of which are variations of just one reason: their CASB breaks each time Microsoft makes changes to Office 365.  What they call “application breakages” […]

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