Ransomware related Cyber Attacks are on rising, says Verizon

Ransomware related cyber attacks where cyber crooks induce encrypting malware into a network or database and then ask a ransom to decrypt the files are on the rise says a new study made by Verizon. The report says that the attacks increased by 50 percent in 2016 and might double up in next couple of […]

Cyber Attack with Ransomware hidden inside PDF Documents

England-based Security Software Company Sophos Labs has discovered that a new spam campaign is on the prowl where victims are cyber attacked with ransomware hidden inside PDF documents. And as per the researchers of Sophos Labs, the ransomware gets downloaded and is run by a macro hidden inside a Word Document that is deeply nested […]

Mobile Security feature of Google ‘O’ to end Ransomware menace

Google’s upcoming mobile operating system titled ‘Android O’ is said to end ransomware menace on its user phones once and forever. The new operating system will have up to date mobile security features having the ability to block attacks from ransomware. It’s a known fact that Google has recently intensified the campaign against malware attacks […]

Macbook users are being targeted by malware and backdoors in 1Q 2017

A recent survey conducted by security firm Malwarebytes suggests that cyber criminals are constantly targeting Macbook users by malware and backdoors in 1Q 2017. Moreover, the study analyzed that FindZip Mac Ransomware for which even the developers don’t have a decryption key yet has emerged as a major MacOS threat in this year. The survey […]

Top 3 Myths about Ransomware- debunked!

UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and the National Crime Agency on a joint note have lined out the top 3 myths about ransomware which are prevailing in the cyber space world. And the debunked myths are as follows- Myth 1- Backup of data is enough to recoup all your stolen data- First CIO’s need to […]

Ransomware hits Skype users!

Skype users, especially from Western countries are complaining about “Fake flash ads” which when clicked are leading to a ransomware attack. From past couple of weeks, Reddit has been buzzing with reports saying that Skype’s home screen is acting as a playground for malware. And most of the users have come to a conclusion that […]

Google updates about mobile security measures on its Android Nougat

Google has given an update about the mobile security measures which are being implemented in its latest Android 7.0 Nougat (N) release. And it stressed on the fact that the new version of the mobile operating system has the ability to protect N OS users against ransomware. Detailing about it, in the latest blog update, […]

Apple offers Safari Browser update to tackle fake ransomware

Apple Inc has issued a software update to tackle the circulation of a fake ransomware attack which demands money in order to unlock the handset’s Safari browser. As per the report published by security firm LookOut, the ransomware attack is fake and clearing the browser cache was actually sufficient to restore full access. The Victims […]

Ransomware encrypts critical files of Dutch Parliament

Some state sponsored actors have succeeded in encrypting critical files related to a computer network of the Dutch parliament. As per our sources, the lower house of Dutch Parliament, the Tweede Kamer was hit by ransomware attack which managed to encrypt some election and finance related documents of the parliament. Note-Ransomware is a form of […]

Sophos to end ransomware threat with Intercept X

Sophos Group which offers security software and hardware to enterprise networks has announced that it is going to end ransomware threat on a permanent note with its newly developed ‘Intercept X’. The IT security vendor has assured that its new product will protect files from the malicious spontaneous encryption processes which favor ransomware propelled by […]

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