How is information stored in cloud secure from hacks

The rise of cloud computing has provided individuals and businesses with a convenient way to store and access their data. However, with this convenience comes a concern about data security. Cloud storage services have become a target for hackers, and the theft of personal and sensitive information can have serious consequences. So, how is information […]

How to keep your Gmail account safe from hackers

Nowadays, every online service is being linked to your email account or your phone number and this is what is giving hackers an access point to explore your secrets-if/when the user shows laxity in securing their respective accounts. Keeping aside mobile phone security, for now, let’s talk about email security. Google mail or shortly called […]

Tips to keep your Online banking safe

As more and more banks are encouraging customers to go digital, the risks associated with the use of online services is also surging up at an alarming rate. Therefore, here are some tips to protect your bank accounts from online thefts. Beware of Phishing Emails- Never click on links in your emails or in the […]

A rundown on the top Five Mobile Security Threats

Mobile Security has become a prime concern for IT professionals working for enterprise businesses. The reason, businesses are turning less vigilant when it comes to mobile security while embracing the trend of BYOD. Very recently, Chris Crowley, a security instructor working for SANS Institute offered a rundown on the top mobile security threats lurking behind […]

Are Your Sync Clients Really Safe?

This post was originally published here by  Chantelle Patel. Box introduced their new client sync app today called Box Drive. The desktop app will allow enterprise users to access all Box files directly from the desktop, saving time and money. While apps like Box Drive make accessing data easier, they introduce a major means of data leakage […]

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