Windows and Linux Servers globally are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Millions of servers running on Windows and Linux operating systems are reported to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. And this was concluded in a research carried out by researchers from Eclypsium- a company offering Enterprise Firmware Security.   Going deep into the facts, the security researchers have discovered that the vulnerability is being created due to […]

Hacker destroys 18-years old data of VFEmail via Cyber Attack

Almost all data belonging to VFemail was reportedly destroyed in the hands of the hacker on Monday this week. The anonymous email services provider says that the attack was launched by a hacker active on darknet and identified as Aktv at the rate Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the hacker destroyed the data of […]

Cyber Attack news for the last day of this year 2018

1.) France based security engineers have found a software tool to navigate and monitor the dark web. But they also argue that the tool could spell deep trouble to the web users if it falls into wrong hands. Nicolas Hernandez, the Co-founder, and CEO of Aleph Networks, a company based in Lyon- France said that […]

Google reacts to China espionage controversy on its servers

At the Google Cloud Next Conference in London, Diane Greene, the Chief Executive of Google Cloud declared that her company commits to building security into every layer of the cloud. Ms. Greene also clarified on the Conference stage that her company takes security seriously and so has built it into every layer of the system. […]

Managing servers and installing agents on the new Halo interface

This post was originally published here by leslie devlin. In the second series of our explainer video blog posts, we’re breaking down how to install agents and manage servers on the new Halo interface. We have a feeling you’re going to like the changes, and the ease of use that comes along with them. Installing agents […]

France new president to launch cyber attacks on Russia

Newly Elected France President Emmanuel Macron is all set to launch a cyber war on Russia in retaliation for the attack launched on Saturday evening against him and his election campaign which was intended to titillate the mind of his patrons. A chief aide from France suggested the 39-year old France President has already ordered […]

FBI issues a new cyber threat warning to healthcare sector

United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a warning to all companies operating in the healthcare sector to remain vigilant of a newly emerging cyber threat. The law enforcement agency in its latest media briefing said that some criminal actors from abroad are trying to target protected healthcare information (PHI) and other personally […]

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