France new president to launch cyber attacks on Russia


Newly Elected France President Emmanuel Macron is all set to launch a cyber war on Russia in retaliation for the attack launched on Saturday evening against him and his election campaign which was intended to titillate the mind of his patrons.

A chief aide from France suggested the 39-year old France President has already ordered his staff to prepare a blueprint on this activity which is said to take place early next month.

On the other hand, as per the latest post updated in Reuters, Germany is also looking to launch a cyber attack on Russian servers. Hans-Georg Maassen, Germany’s Chief of Military Intelligence Cyber Space is said to have revealed this news at a cyber conference in Potsdam, Germany.

Since Russian hackers grabbed a big chunk of data on the Bundestag- Germany’s Parliament, Germany’s intelligence agencies are now planning to take the revenge through cyber attacks.

From past few months, media reports are emerging out that Russia is launching cyber attacks on foreign nations in order to spy on the political, military and financial landscape of its enemy nations.

US, UK, France and Germany have already become victims of such attacks.

Maybe, all of them on a collective note have now decided to retaliate to such activities by launching counter cyber attacks on nations such Russian, North Korea and China. And so are coming out into open with their deeds.

Coming back to the data leak of French President Macron, some media resources suggest that critical info related to election funding, future vision after becoming the president, first files to sign is said to have leaked to the hackers funded by Russia.

This can spell out deep trouble to the New France President if it is not fairly acknowledged in time and on a perfect note.

And as per our sources, US President Donald Trump phoned and congratulated the newly elected France president on Monday. 
He also hoped to mend all the past bitter relationships with France under the new leadership of Mr. Macron.

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