Russia spied on French President with 2 dozen Facebook accounts

Intelligence material released by two US Congressmen reveals that Russia spied on French president with over 2 dozen Facebook accounts early this year. Sources which gave the briefing said that the objective behind this espionage was to spy on President Emmanuel Macron’s election campaign and sink his political career. As per the report briefed by […]

Cyber Attack on Cloud Computing Company makes France news websites go dark

A Cyber Attack launched by some state-sponsored hackers on a Portland-based Cloud Computing Company named Cedexis resulted in a bunch of news websites going dark. And as per Bloomberg, the knocked off news sites were most popular in France and had a very good reader base and bounce rate. The hack took place at 7 […]

France new president to launch cyber attacks on Russia

Newly Elected France President Emmanuel Macron is all set to launch a cyber war on Russia in retaliation for the attack launched on Saturday evening against him and his election campaign which was intended to titillate the mind of his patrons. A chief aide from France suggested the 39-year old France President has already ordered […]

Are Britain and Germany ready for pre-election cyber attacks?

As France’s newly elected President Emmanuel Macron is busy enjoying the success of the win, the focus of the media has now turned towards Britain and Germany. The only question which lingers in everyone’s mind is “Are Britain and Germany ready for pre-election cyber attacks?” It is now a known fact that shortly before the […]

Russian spies Cyber Attack France’s Presidential Probable Macron’s Campaign

Emmanuel Macron, who is all set to win France’s Presidential election was recently cyber attacked by Russian spies. As per our sources, his presidential campaign was intercepted by a hacking group named ‘Pawn Storm’ linked to Russia’s Military Intelligence Agency GRU. The hackers group launched a phishing campaign between March & April this year and […]

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