Germany witnesses $224Bn yearly economy loss with Cyber Attacks

In recent times, many developed nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia have refrained from publicly identifying their cyber adversaries, understanding that doing so might inadvertently provide these adversaries with a significant advantage on the global stage. However, there has been a significant shift in this approach as Germany steps […]

Russia starts cyber attacks on the West with Germany for supporting Ukraine

Russia launched a war on Ukraine, its neighboring country, on February 24th of the year 2022. And still the Zelenskyy led nation hasn’t surrendered to Moscow, all because of the extreme support from the west, regarding arms & ammunition, essentials and, of course, funds. As the war is fast approaching the one year long milestone, […]

Cybersecurity chief of Germany sacked because of Russian links

Germany’s Cybersecurity Chief of the country was sacked from his post on Tuesday this week, following media reports that he had links with Kremlin. Arne Schonbohm will remain under suspension from his Federal duties until further orders, Nancy Faeser, the spokesperson of the Internal Ministry, acknowledged the incident as true and added that the suspension […]

Ransomware attack halts circulation of newspapers in Germany

Ransomware attack on ‘Heilbronn Stimme’, the German newspaper, has halted the distribution of newspapers, including a 28-page epaper since Friday last week. Although the company tried to manage things by printing the missed-out edition via an emergency 6-page news theme, it did not publish any sensitive news as the blocks were already filled with obituaries […]

Russia Kaspersky to be banned in Germany

Kaspersky has hit back at the recently released advisory of German authorities that urges organizations to stop using products of the said Anti Virus firm, due to the tensions prevailing between the West and the Russian federation. A couple of days back, some of the German government organizations using anti-malware and threat detection solutions from […]

Chinese APT27 Hacking Group targeting German companies

German Intelligence Agency BfV that offers cyber threat information from time to time has warned all the companies operating in its region about a possible cyber attack carried out by APT27, the China-based hacking group also known with other names such as Iron Tiger, Bronze Union, Emissary Panda, Lucky Mouse and Masking Panda. BfV inputs […]

Cyber Attack affects fuel supply in Germany

A Cyber Attack has caused a temporary fuel supply in whole of Germany with situation intended to improve only after 10 days. Oiltanking GmbH Group and Mabanaft Group are the two firms that were deeply affected by the digital attack, resulting in halting the Operational Technology Systems to the core. According to highly placed sources, […]

Germany puts cyber attack blame on Russia for disrupting its general elections

Germany has officially put the blame on Russian government for launching cyber attacks to disrupt the country’s general elections. The Germany Ministry issued a public statement on this note yesterday and stated that it has reliable information that the GRU Military Intelligence service involved in espionage tactics where it stole login credentials of some bureaucrats […]

Seven years security updates to mobile users in Germany

German government is urging mobile manufactures to offer security updates for devices up to seven years or at least 6 years so that it could increase the life of usage of phones to over 5 years. Already a proposal in this regard has been passed on to the European Union that also makes it mandatory […]

Election hack is possible, says Germany

Germany is expecting a cyber attack on the election event that is likely to be held in September this year and says that a foreign nation could intend to do so for reasons. “After witnessing a slew of phishing attacks on the digital accounts of German MPs and local politicians, there is a high probability […]

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