Germany puts cyber attack blame on Russia for disrupting its general elections

Germany has officially put the blame on Russian government for launching cyber attacks to disrupt the country’s general elections. The Germany Ministry issued a public statement on this note yesterday and stated that it has reliable information that the GRU Military Intelligence service involved in espionage tactics where it stole login credentials of some bureaucrats […]

Seven years security updates to mobile users in Germany

German government is urging mobile manufactures to offer security updates for devices up to seven years or at least 6 years so that it could increase the life of usage of phones to over 5 years. Already a proposal in this regard has been passed on to the European Union that also makes it mandatory […]

Election hack is possible, says Germany

Germany is expecting a cyber attack on the election event that is likely to be held in September this year and says that a foreign nation could intend to do so for reasons. “After witnessing a slew of phishing attacks on the digital accounts of German MPs and local politicians, there is a high probability […]

Germany declares country’s first Cyber Catastrophe

German has declared the country’s first cyber catastrophe yesterday by stating that a cyber attack hit almost all the computer systems in the municipality of Anhalt Bitterfeld in the state of Saxony-Anhalt and disrupted completely. Authorities are unsure when the offices will reopen to the public and expect to resolve the issue within next 15 […]

Most German Firms are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2021 states that most of the German firms are vulnerable to cyber attacks and are topping the list of the study group with a loss tally of $48 million. The report was compiled after analyzing data gathered from over 6042 companies operating across UK, US, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland and […]

Cyber Attacks on Vaccination centers of Germany

When the entire world is busy with a vaccination drive to eradicate COVID-19 from their region and the whole globe, Germany’s Angela Merkel warned that the vaccinations centers are vulnerable to sophisticated cyber attacks that could bring the vaccination drive to a major halt. In an update sent to Bloomberg by the Interior Ministry of […]

Ransomware Attack on Whirlpool and the Funke Media Group of Germany

Whirlpool Corporation has reportedly become a victim to Nefilim Ransomware, thus putting an end to the year 2020 rather unpleasantly. Highly placed sources say that the attack might have been launched in the first week of November and it came to light on the Boxing Day after Christmas 2020. Why the Michigan based electronics giant […]

Ransomware attack on hospital results in patient death

For the first time in the history of ransomware, a patient death has been directly linked to a file encrypting malware attack. According to sources, a woman suffering with a life threatening condition was diverted to a remote hospital because of a ransomware attack caused by a Citrix add-on software vulnerability, eventually causing death of […]

Merkel confirms Russian Cyber Attack on German Parliament

Angela Merkel, the Politician and Chancellor of Germany have expressed pain on knowing Russia has been launching cyberattacks on her country to steal 16 gigabytes of documents which includes one from her own parliament office and her personal email account.   Speaking to the lawmakers on May 13th, 2020, the 65-year old said that she […]

GermanWiper Ransomware attack warning for Germany  

Ransomware attack reports are in that a new variant of ransomware is targeting companies operating in Germany. Dubbed as GermanWiper the ransomware tends to have the ability to replace the infected files with zeroes and ones, thus destroying the ability to recover the files with decryption keys after a ransom payment or by any other […]

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