Russia starts cyber attacks on the West with Germany for supporting Ukraine


Russia launched a war on Ukraine, its neighboring country, on February 24th of the year 2022. And still the Zelenskyy led nation hasn’t surrendered to Moscow, all because of the extreme support from the west, regarding arms & ammunition, essentials and, of course, funds.

As the war is fast approaching the one year long milestone, Putin intensified the war by attacking the civilian populace from December last year.

But on constant requests of Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, nations like Germany, the UK, USA and Australia started sending battle tanks to Kyiv, in order to support its retribution against the Russian forces.

Retaliating this move, Kremlin might have thought to take vengeance through cyber-attacks against the west and the first nation to be targeted was Germany.

According to a press release of the Federal Cybersecurity Agency(BSI), all websites related to major airports, companies and government agencies are being hit by DDoS attacks aka denial of service attacks.

BSI predicts that more such digital invasions are expected in coming weeks and expectations are in that the next sector that may observe disruption is finance.

Killnet, the hacking group funded by Kremlin, has taken credit of the attack and announced that all western countries linked to the supply of ammunition such as the Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine will have to face a tough time ahead.

On the other hand, Zelensky has ruled out peace talks with Moscow and insisted that the war may last till March this year and expects France and Macron to support his nation by sending AMX-10 RC armored combat vehicles, fighter jets and Challenger 2 Tanks and US manufactured M1A2 Abrams tanks.


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