Election hack is possible, says Germany


Germany is expecting a cyber attack on the election event that is likely to be held in September this year and says that a foreign nation could intend to do so for reasons.

“After witnessing a slew of phishing attacks on the digital accounts of German MPs and local politicians, there is a high probability that the Bundestag election will be rigged or influenced by an adversary nation”, said Thomas Haldenwang, the head of BfV, the domestic intelligence agency of Germany.

A cyber group named ‘Ghostwriter’, linked to a foreign intelligence service, could launch a large scale cyber attack on the nation’s critical infrastructure and so the law enforcement should be on its toes to mitigate such risks well-before added Mr. Thomas.

From the past two years, several email accounts of a German Member of Parliament were hacked to access classical info from the accounts, respectively. Apparently, the hackers could use the stolen info to mislead and falsify the actual intention of the political probables, by manipulating data in order to discredit individuals or parties.

BfV hasn’t disclosed how successful the threat actors were in siphoning the information. But stated that all necessary security measures were being taken to avoid any influence from foreign nations on the Bundestag elections.

Angela Merkel, the former leader of the nation has expressed her concerns over growing threats lurking on Berlin from Russia.

In early 2021, the lady politician with immense popularity expressed her desire that western nations such as UK, US and France should join forces to tackle the growing threats from adversaries. Although she did not mention any nation on a specific note, her words spoken thereafter were clearly pointing towards Russia that was led by Vladimir Putin.

Naveen Goud
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