Cybersecurity chief of Germany sacked because of Russian links


Germany’s Cybersecurity Chief of the country was sacked from his post on Tuesday this week, following media reports that he had links with Kremlin. Arne Schonbohm will remain under suspension from his Federal duties until further orders,

Nancy Faeser, the spokesperson of the Internal Ministry, acknowledged the incident as true and added that the suspension of Mr. Arne was justified as he showed neutrality and impartiality in his leadership skills as the President.

Interestingly, Arne worked for a Russian firm named Protelion till 2016 and then served as Governments Computer and Communications Security from then on. He kept office till this year beginning, when some media reports responded to Jan Bohmermann, a satirical, comical show that highlighted the links of the head of Cybersecurity.

Protelion is now found to be a business subsidiary of Infotecs, a firm that has links to Russian Intelligence Services.

As more truth excavation has to be done, details will be updated as soon as they are available.

Cyber Security Council Germany has expelled Protelion from its list of members and quashed out the media reports about lobbying and Russian influence on certain projects as completely false.


Naveen Goud
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