Microsoft is officially listening to the Skype calls of its customers

Skype an online app of Microsoft (MS) which offers audio and video communication through the internet is in news for all wrong reasons these days. After Google and Amazon, American software giant Microsoft has admitted that the Skype calls of its customers are being heard by a group of contractors hired by MS specifically for […]

Iran plans to shut down Telegram for National Security

National Security concerns have made the governments of many countries ban some web-based products and services in recent times. For instance, last year, the government of United States has banned the use of Anti Malware solution of Kaspersky labs due to the concern that the software installed on the PCs of US users was conducting […]

New Microsoft terms cause privacy fears to Users

The all new terms of service of Microsoft, effective from May 1st, 2018 are causing privacy concerns amongst its users as the Redmond giant plans to ban users for using offensive language and say that it has the right to investigate into its users’ content. Microsoft’s service agreement which has been updated early this week […]

Man uses 9k Zombie Computers to Cyber Attack Skype, Google, and Pokemon

A British man has been accused of launching cyber attacks through 9,000 Zombie computers on websites such as Skype, Google, and Pokemon. Alex Bessell is his name and the accused will be facing the trial of orchestrating DDoS attacks on several other major online firms in a bid to crash their web services. Alex, 21, […]

Ransomware hits Skype users!

Skype users, especially from Western countries are complaining about “Fake flash ads” which when clicked are leading to a ransomware attack. From past couple of weeks, Reddit has been buzzing with reports saying that Skype’s home screen is acting as a playground for malware. And most of the users have come to a conclusion that […]

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