French government announces $4.3 billion plan to support startups

As France and entire Europe is struggling to contain the spread of Covid 19 pandemic, financial experts suggest that the chances are ripe for the next recession to emerge by August this year. So, under such circumstances, the government of France has announced a $4.3 billion support package for companies that are struggling with revenue […]

Startups struggle to retain talent!

For Startups around the world, raising funds has become easier than to retain talent. A recent report prepared by Venture Capital Fund Company named Accel Partners has confirmed this in its latest survey report and said that getting people in the initial phase and asking them to stick to the company has become a herculean […]

Apple acquires AI startup Pullstring

Apple Inc has made an official announcement last week that it is going to acquire AI startup ‘Pullstring’ for an undisclosed amount. Pullstring happens to be a California based firm which invented “Hello Barbie” and is basically into the development of interactive applications that enable computer conversation with smart characters. “As the company designs and […]

Facebook acquires AI startup GrokStyle

Facebook has made it official that it has acquired AI startup GrokStyle for an undisclosed amount. The company’s spokesperson Vanessa Chan confirmed that news and said that the new acquisition will help strengthen the stand of Facebook in the exploration of AI capabilities. Announcing the same to the world, GrokStyle has started to issue a […]

Intel invests in Cloud Security and data storage startups

Intel Capital, a business arm of Intel Corporation has made it official that it is investing in startups called Fortanix and Pliops to strengthen and secure its standing in Cloud Computing and Security fields. CyberSecurity Insiders has learned that Intel will be investing around $23 million in raising the funding of Fortanix to $31 million […]

Cloud Startup gains $100 M funding to build secure data centers in Satellites

After exploring land and the water to build data centers, scientists are now finding ways to build secure data centers in a network of satellites operating in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). In fact, a new startup has taken a step ahead in the process by gaining a $100M funding for its Space Laser Cloud Security. […]

Israeli Cybersecurity startup Sygnia acquired by Temasek for $250 million

Sygnia, an Israeli based cybersecurity startup will soon be acquired by Singaporean firm Temasek for $250 million and the news was confirmed by a spokesperson from Temasek which happens to one of the world’s biggest investors. The latter’s plan is to beef up its cybersecurity business by capturing the market of the former which is […]

Palo Alto Networks acquires Cloud Security Startup Redlock

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.(PAN) the American Multinational Cyber Security Firm has disclosed on Wednesday that it is going to acquire Cloud Security Startup Redlock for $173 million. The idea is to bring cloud compliance and security analytics together in order to help teams related to SecOps and DevOps teams. So far, Redlock has developed sophisticated […]

New Internet startup to offer more Data Privacy controls

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of World Wide Web is all set to unveil a ‘New Internet’ which promises to give users full control on the data they share with other internet services providers like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Inrupt, an app based web search system will allow users to regulate what personal info they would […]

Verizon acquires Autonomous Threat Detection Startup Niddel

Verizon has made it official this week that it has acquired autonomous threat detection startup Niddel for an undisclosed amount. Though the acquisition price is being kept under wraps, a source from the renowned Telecommunication Service provider says that the deal was closed for double-digit number holding in millions. Technically speaking, Niddel is a provider […]

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