Top 8 trusted cybersecurity companies in the world

As soon as the government of the United States announced a ban on Russian security software provided by Kaspersky, all the system administrators working across the world searched for the most trusted cybersecurity software companies in the world. Here’s an article that throws some light on this issue and will help in providing the best […]

Accenture to acquire Symantec Cyber Security Business

Accenture, the IT services provider from Ireland has fairly announced yesterday that it is all set to acquire Symantec’s Cyber Security Business from Broadcom Inc soon. However, the financial terms of the deal and when the deal will be closed are yet to be known on an official note.   Accenture’s objective with the deal […]

Symantec Cybersecurity heads for job cuts

Symantec, which is headquartered in Mountain View, California, is all set to downsize its business headcount by March next year. So, as a part of this objective, the American Software Corporation has announced over 152 job cuts at the company headquarters and 18 in its office at San Francisco. Over 36 designations will be laid […]

Data on WhatsApp and Telegram is vulnerable say experts

California based Cybersecurity software firm Symantec has disclosed that the data stored by users on WhatsApp and Telegram was vulnerable to hackers. So, the Software giant is urging people not to use the platforms for storing personal photos, Classical and corporate documents as they could be exploited or manipulated by malicious actors. Media File Jacking […]

NSA hacking tools were stolen by China and used to launch cyber attacks

In a startling revelation made by New York Times(NYT) early today, China is now facing a new allegation of stealing hacking tools from National Security Agency and using them against American allies and private firms operating in Europe and Asia. Thus, the new allegation put forward by the American media resource clearly suggests that the […]

Symantec plans to cut cybersecurity costs by partnering with over 120 companies

Symantec, a California based cybersecurity provider has decided to cut down costs related to cybersecurity by partnering with over 120 companies including IBM Security, Microsoft, Box, Splunk, Servicesnow, Oracle, Amazon Web Services. The objective of this partnership is to make its enterprise partners build and deliver more than 250 products and services that integrate with […]

Forget Ransomware and Cryptojacking as Formjacking becomes the latest trending Malware

Symantec, a California based Cybersecurity vendor says that ‘Formjacking’ has become the latest earning trend for hackers as they have lost interest in Ransomware and Cryptojacking due to low profits. In the 24th edition of Internet Security Threat Report(ISTR), Symantec says that its security researchers have detected more than 4600 websites infected with the formjacking […]

Symantec acquires cloud security startup Luminate

Symantec, the American software company has announced on Tuesday that it is going to acquire cloud security startup Luminate for an undisclosed amount. The objective of the deal is to allow mobile devices to connect securely to corporate applications running on-premises and in the cloud. As cyber threats of today are filled with sophistication, they […]

Symantec tracks down a new hacking group Seedworm aka Muddywater

Cybersecurity software offering US Company Symantec has discovered a new hackers group named ‘Seedworm’ or ‘Muddywater’ which has made the telecommunications and IT services sectors as main cyber attack targets from the past few months. The company discovered in its research that the group was behind the recent attacks launched on Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Saudi […]

Symantec Corp to be acquired by Equity firm Thoma Bravo LLC

San Francisco based equity firm Thoma Bravo LLC has approached Symantec Corp with a proposal of acquiring the Norton Antivirus software maker for an undisclosed amount. Though the deal is still in discussion stages, sources say that it can take a shape by early next year. Meanwhile, Symantec seems to be busy in a spree […]

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