Ukraine now faces cyber threats through Telegram messages

For the past three days, a group of government officials from Ukraine are getting telegram alerts urging them to look at the security of their respective accounts, as some unlawful login into their accounts was being noticed by Russia. Highly placed sources state that the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection (SSSCIP) of […]

Telegram becomes a hub for hackers buying stolen data

Next time you find your corporate database breached, just be sure that the siphoned data might already been traded on a Telegram platform. Yes, this news was confirmed by Cyber Intelligence Group named Cyberint that discovered that a large set of hacking groups were super-active in sharing data on the messaging platform, sometimes on broadcasted […]

Telegram offers fix to its non encrypted chat vulnerability

Telegram made it official that it has offered a security fix to non-encrypted chats that were previously vulnerable to cyber attacks through manipulated bots. The chat services provider announced that the fix will be rolled in an automated manner and expects to put an end to all media speculations that its ‘Secret Chat’ feature that […]

Data on WhatsApp and Telegram is vulnerable say experts

California based Cybersecurity software firm Symantec has disclosed that the data stored by users on WhatsApp and Telegram was vulnerable to hackers. So, the Software giant is urging people not to use the platforms for storing personal photos, Classical and corporate documents as they could be exploited or manipulated by malicious actors. Media File Jacking […]

DDoS attack disrupts Telegram services in America

Telegram, a popular cloud-based messaging app which stands second after Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reported to have fallen victim to a distributed denial of service(DDoS) attack early today. News is out that many of the telegram users from different countries apart from America might observe connection issues until early tomorrow i.e June 13. The multimedia sharing […]

Fake Twitter scam promises Cryptocurrency earnings

Twitter IDs operating across the world including the ones operated by the government agencies are reportedly falling prey to a new ponzi scam where scamsters are promising cryptocurrency earnings to those who transfer them 0.01BTC. The tweets which are being witnessed on renowned and verified accounts states “We are celebrating and giving away N Bitcoins […]

Telegram Passport number addition surges data privacy concerns

Britain’s messaging app Telegram has added a new feature onto its platform which allows users to store their identity documents such as Passport Numbers or social security numbers on telegram’s encrypted cloud storage. The objective of this feature is to allow users to showcase their identity documents to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency exchange […]

Iran plans to shut down Telegram for National Security

National Security concerns have made the governments of many countries ban some web-based products and services in recent times. For instance, last year, the government of United States has banned the use of Anti Malware solution of Kaspersky labs due to the concern that the software installed on the PCs of US users was conducting […]

Iran may be spying on UK and US populace with weaponized apps!

Iran, also known as Persia is said to be spying on millions of populace from UK and US through state-sponsored applications available on Apple and Google app store. The country is said to be indulging in the said activity in order to gather critical info of those belonging or working in political, military and technical […]

SonicSpy malware triggers mobile security alert for Android Phone Users!

San Francisco based security firm Lookout has discovered that a spyware named SonicSpy is being spread through 4000 apps via Google Play store since February. The study further adds that two other versions of spying software of similar sort are existing on Playstore. But details on how they are being spread and their malicious characteristics […]

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