RYUK Ransomware debuts in China

Hackers spreading RYUK Ransomware in the United States have now shifted their base to China. Well, this update was given by the Tencent Yujian Threat Intelligence Center which adds that the virus spreading gangs have already targeted 7 Logistics companies and 2 technology companies along with a few municipalities so far demanding 11 Bitcoins as […]

Over 20K Chinese PCs infected with a new ransomware variant

Ransomware news is out that over 20,000 personal computers in China are infected by a new ransomware variant which encrypts files until a ransom of 110 Yuan or $16 is paid via WeChat’s payment service- available exclusively in China and its provinces. As of now, sources say that the developers of the said malware are […]

China’s WeChat gets banned by the overseas military on security worries

China-based multi-purpose and social media app WeChat has been banned by Australian Military on security grounds. Means, the said smartphone app will from now on not be used by armed forces of the said country. In an official statement released early this week, Australian government defense department said that the ban was imposed as the […]

China to boost Merger and Acquisition deals in the United States

Chinese enterprises are showing a lot of interest in investing in companies operating overseas- especially in the United States. And according to a survey conducted by PwC, the trend is said to become more frequent and orderly in 2018. If investment figures of the current year are taken into account, China has so far wrapped […]

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