China’s WeChat gets banned by the overseas military on security worries

    China-based multi-purpose and social media app WeChat has been banned by Australian Military on security grounds. Means, the said smartphone app will from now on not be used by armed forces of the said country.

    In an official statement released early this week, Australian government defense department said that the ban was imposed as the service did not meet the government’s security standards.

    “Australia Defense Department will not authorize the use of software and applications on its defense networks and mobile devices that do not meet the military’s security standards”, said the defense department in an email statement. WeChat is one such app which has been banned from use on Australian Military network from now on.

    In November last year, US Military banned the drones manufactured by China’s DJI on security ground. According to a press release of Homeland security, DJI assumed to be the world’s largest maker of the devices was alleged of sending data to servers located in China.

    Mobile phone maker Huawei was also banned from making a tie-up with AT&T by Donald Trump’s government.

    In March this year, Donald Trump specified in one of the public meetings that he does not want Chinese companies to take over US firms in any format. In fact, the 45th US President blocked the takeover of Qualcomm by Singapore based firm Broadcom, as the latter was being backed by investors from China.

    Analysts based in Australia say that the ban on WeChat and also on other Chinese companies is most likely a political move, but was in line with other policies in other countries.

    It is obvious that Australia is standing on the side of US and UK when it comes to National security. And are seen taking decisions reflecting the objectives of the western nations.

    Li Yi, the chief fellow at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences said that banning products and services of Chinese companies in overseas seems more of a political move than security concerns. However, he chose not to comment on the issue of Facebook and WhatsApp banned by the Chinese government.

    WeChat is owned by Chinese web giant Tencent and is said to have over 1 billion monthly active users on a global note.

    Australian military says that it has evidence that the Chinese messaging and e-payment app is acting as a spyware and was caught sending data to Chinese Intelligence servers located in Beijing.

    Naveen Goud
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