Broadcom to move its security offerings onto Google Cloud Platform

Broadcom Inc has announced that it will move its security offerings acquired through Symantec onto Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Tom Krause, the President of Broadcom Software Group confirmed the news and stated that the rest of the security offerings that were hosted in the data center will be moved to GCP by this year end. […]

Broadcom acquires Symantec Enterprise Security business for $10. 6 Billion

After many speculations in the media, Broadcom has finally announced that it has acquired Symantec’s Enterprise Security business division for $10.6 billion. The former’s objective in buying the latter is to significantly expand the vendor’s infrastructure software footprint following its purchase of CA Technologies for $19 billion in July’18. “Mergers and Acquisitions have played a […]

Google Mobile Security alert for Huawei users

Huawei phone users across the world are hereby informed that Google has chosen to suspend the transfer of proprietary hardware and software to the Chinese vendor from now-on resulting in the suspension of future support to Google apps and all future operating system updates on the said devices. Technically it means that the phone company […]

China’s WeChat gets banned by the overseas military on security worries

China-based multi-purpose and social media app WeChat has been banned by Australian Military on security grounds. Means, the said smartphone app will from now on not be used by armed forces of the said country. In an official statement released early this week, Australian government defense department said that the ban was imposed as the […]

Donald Trump says ‘No’ to Broadcom buying Qualcomm Deal

US President Donald Trump has blocked the planned takeover of Qualcomm by Singapore based company Broadcom. The reason, he feels that the $140 billion takeovers might impair the national security of the United States. On the other hand, Qualcomm has also shrugged off Broadcom’s buying bid by saying that price offered clearly undervalues the price […]

Intel to acquire Broadcom to prevent its merger with Qualcomm

Intel is all set to acquire Broadcom in order to prevent the American Semiconductor manufacture from getting into a merger deal with Qualcomm- all a part of a defensive strategy to prevent the creation of a powerhouse competitor. According to a post on Friday in The Wall Street Journal, Intel advisors have come up with […]

Broadcom WiFi chips are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Smartphones working around the world with a Broadcom Wi-Fi chip are vulnerable to cyber attacks say, experts. It is estimated that more than 1 billion Android and iOS smart phones are at risk due to the said vulnerability. But experts say that the Broadcom has already initiated steps to patch the vulnerability, thus averting a […]

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