Transport for London

Controversy Surrounds TFL’s Alleged Data Fraud and Hefty Penalties

Citizens residing in the European Union are facing challenges in settling fines sent by Transport for London (TFL), with penalties ranging from £1000 to £6000 or more. The concern lies not only in the imposed fines but also in the alleged fraudulent acquisition of data and the treatment of London’s visitors as lucrative targets. Upon […]

Clop Ransomware gang strikes London Transport for London (TfL)

Clop ransomware gang has targeted the databases of Transport for London (TfL) customers, thus stealing information of over 13,000 drivers listed on the Ulez and Congestion Charges Repository. Clop is the same gang that struck MoveIT file transfer software last week and the TFL seems to be one of the impacted customers worldwide. And TfL […]

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