Interesting cyber attack headlines trending on Google for this day

“Ukraine Cyber Alliance Takes Down Trigona Ransomware Gang, Wipes Their Data Clean” In recent times, we’ve witnessed numerous headlines about ransomware groups wreaking havoc on corporate networks. However, this time, the ‘Ukraine Cyber Alliance,’ a group of activists, managed to infiltrate the Trigona Ransomware gang’s database and completely obliterate their operations. Notably, they absconded with […]

Trending Google news headlines on Ransomware, Penalties and Espionage

1.) AhnLab, a South Korean cybersecurity firm, has issued an alert about a ransomware attack on Microsoft SQL Servers that are being bombarded with Trigona Ransomware payloads meant to encrypt files after stealing data. Hackers induce the same ransomware via brute force or dictionary attacks, where hackers use easy-to-guess credentials to bypass logins. Trigona was […]

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