Google App turns into malware for many on Smart Phones

The Google app and its synchronized applications, including Maps and Gmail, offer a world of possibilities to users. However, a peculiar situation has arisen, with certain smartphones identifying the Google app as potential malware and warning users against its usage. This may sound bizarre, but it’s a fact. Users of Huawei, Vivo, and Honor phones […]

Hackers pay a $5000 monthly fee to gain fraudulent access to banking apps

A research group from ESET has discovered that cyber-crooks are paying a monthly fee of $5000 to gain fraudulent access to 467 android apps to steal banking-related details. Information is out that the campaign has been running for quite some time and is aiming to siphon cryptocurrencies along with fiat. Dubbed an ERMAC banking Trojan, […]

Google Play hosts malware that offers click baits to users

Google Play Store, a platform where android smart phone users can shop for apps, has hit the headlines for all wrong reasons. According to a research carried out by Mobile security firm ZIMPERIUM, scammers targeted over 2.5 billion Google Android phone users last years to make millions through click-bait scams. Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that […]

Brazilian Trojan targets Britain Smartphones leading to Banking fraud

McAfee, the Cybersecurity firm from California has issued a warning to all android users in UK to beware of a Brazilian Trojan that is targeting smart phones leading to several banking frauds. The malware is seen lurking in the Google play Store as legitimate apps that gives remote access to hackers and siphons data from […]

Trojan Malware now spreading Ransomware and stealing passwords

Cybersecurity researchers from Blackberry Cylance have discovered that a newly devised Trojan malware is now spreading ransomware and stealing passwords spelling deep trouble to hackers.   The Python-based Trojan Malware which for now is seen targeting Windows operating system is capable of conducting espionage and stealing sensitive data.     Dubbed as PyXie RAT, the malware […]

Cyber Attack news currently trending on Google

Danish company Demant which is into the manufacturing of Oticon brand hearing aids has released a press statement today stating that it has lost over 500,000 Kroner via a cyber attack early this month. Highly placed sources report that the incident took place on September 3rd disrupting production and distribution servers of Oticon hearing aids. […]

Minecraft infects Android Phones with Trojan Malware

World-renowned adventurous game Minecraft is now in the news for all wrong reasons.  Security experts from Symantec have discovered that the game has the potential to hijack a mobile with Sockbot malware and turn it into a botnet. Researchers from the said Cybersecurity firm has discovered that the Trojan links infected devices to a proxy […]

Google removes Ztrog Trojans infected apps from its Google PlayStore

Google these days is busy removing apps from its PlayStore which are infected by Ztrog Trojans. And as per our sources, the said malware induced by hackers has the potential to send premium rate texts without the knowledge of the phone user. Thus, for the second time in this year, Google was forced to remove […]

Malware Hack Attacking the Grid…BIGLY

For more than four years, malware has been posing as legitimate software and infecting industrial equipment across the globe.   The malware, which looks just like the Siemens control gear software, has affected at least seven plants in the US. According to security experts, the malware was specifically designed to attack this industrial equipment, but […]

Fake Netflix app causes Cyber Security concerns

Netflix, which has more than 44 million subscribers in 42 countries, is now facing a backlash from its customers for a wrong reason. In November 2016, a fake Netflix app was being circulated on the web. The app mimics Netflix app in color, and features and so was said be downloaded by many users across […]

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