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Danish company Demant which is into the manufacturing of Oticon brand hearing aids has released a press statement today stating that it has lost over 500,000 Kroner via a cyber attack early this month.

Highly placed sources report that the incident took place on September 3rd disrupting production and distribution servers of Oticon hearing aids. The Denmark based company which is also known as William Demant as per the trade association is reported to have an annual turnover of around 14 billion Kroner and has an employee count of over 14,000 staff members.

Soren Nelson, the CEO of Demant confirmed the cyber attack on the company servers and clarified that the recovery is expected to take over 2-3 weeks.

In other news related to cyberattack and trending on Google, Palo Alto Networks has revealed that a survey conducted by its security researchers on a recent note has stated that the hackers are increasingly targeting transport and logistics based companies these days with a trojan malware campaign.

Already the researchers from the Santa Clara based company say that the malware campaign has targeted a company in Kuwait and some have already become a victim of the campaign, but chose not to reveal to the world for some reason.

Currently, the Trojan campaign is said to be targeting companies operating in Kuwait and transport companies are said to be the prime targets.

Cybersecurity Insiders learnt that the attack campaign first starts with a backdoor installation named Hisoka Tool. Then the tool paves way for the download of other tools which help carry out post-exploitation activities.

Palo Alto Networks have confirmed that the tools were developed by a single hacker from middle east and are active since June’18 and the victim list and the attack style will be revealed shortly on an official note by the Cybersecurity company.

Third news belongs to China and its Cyberattack on Czech republic’s Foreign Ministry last year. According to a report released this week by the intelligence agency of Czech Republican EU member of Intelligence agency NUKIB have clarified that the Republic of China was involved in a major cyber attack on a Key government institution operating in the borders of Europe.

NUKIB is a National Cyber and Information Security Agency which is a Cybersecurity unit of the Czech Republic. The agency has now clarified that a hacking group from China was involved in the attack.

Note– Earlier the same agency suspected the hands of Russia and its military intelligence behind the cyber attack on the Ministry of Czech Republic.

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