China to strongly retaliate US Cyber Attacks

A report published on Monday by China’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team (CNCERT) says that a major portion of cyber attacks which took place in 2018 on Chinese Networks came from the borders of United States. The report also includes a warning which says that China is prepared to launch retaliated cyber attacks […]

US to launch ‘Nitro Zeus’ Cyber Attack on Iran

Apart from sending over 120,000 US troops to the CENTCOM region, United States is also focusing its resources on a potential cyber attack which could cripple all major cities of Iran including disruption of military units and power grids. The New York Times says that US military is planning to launch Nitro Zeus cyber attack […]

Maritime research stolen by Chinese hackers from 27 US Universities

The Wall Street Journal(WSG) reports that a hacking group from China has reportedly stolen Maritime research data from over 27 US Universities which includes the University of Hawaii, Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) and the University of Washington. News is out that the hackers were specifically interested in siphoning data related to the use of artificial […]

China blamed for Cyber Attacks on US, UK, Europe, and Canada

All these days Russia and its intelligence services were blamed for launching cyber attacks on the digital infrastructure of private and public entities operating in the West. But now, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has blamed Chinese secret services for initiating sustained cyber attacks on the west to steal business secrets and to generate political […]

US Populace receive Presidential Text message as Security alert

Till the time this article is published or read, most of the readers of Cybersecurity Insiders might have got a text message on their respective mobile that was designed to test whether the unused US emergency communications system was working properly or not. And the fact about this message is that there was no way […]

Feel free to launch Cyber Attacks

US President Donald Trump is reported to have authorized the cyber warriors working for his country to conduct cyber attacks on adversaries in a retaliation bid. Pronouncing the same the White House issued classified orders on Thursday last week, wiping away all previous restrictions put forward during Obama administration. In today’s age, we need to […]

Taiwan accuses China, Russia, and North Korea of launching Cyber Attacks

Taiwan, a small island near to the borders of China and Japan says that countries like China, Russia, and North Korea are using the nation as a testing mule for an onslaught of cyber attacks. The leaders of the nation say that China and Russia are using it as a testing ground before targeting the […]

Turkey hackers sneak into social media accounts of US Journalists

According to the latest alert issued by Cybersecurity Firm CrowdStrike, hackers being funded by Turkish government are said to be breaking into the social media accounts of many US journalists in order to sneak into their minds on the current political situation in the United States. As US Journalists use their respective social media accounts […]

Facebook asking bank account info and card transactions of users

In what is supposed to be a pure speculation, for now, Facebook, the social media giant is facing a new allegation of approaching banks to share financial data related to its users. The speculations seem ripe based on a recently published Wall Street Journal report that suggests that the Mark Zuckerberg led company is nowadays […]

Russian cyber attack on US Power Utilities for blackout

Hackers claimed to be from Russia are reported to have succeeded in penetrating into the power utilities of United States last year. Their intention was clear, to cause blackouts across America and cause panic and chaos among the populace. An official statement released a few hours ago from Department of Homeland Security claims that the […]

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