Google collects the following data from its users

All these days we have seen many media speculations that Google collects some personalized data of its users for advertising and development purposes. But there was no official announcement from the Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary on the issue. On Wednesday, Google made an official announcement on the data collection it does and is as follows- Google […]

Hackers exploit Grindr, Romeo, Recon, and 3Fun apps to access user data

All those who are interested in Gay and 3 some apps, here’s a security alert which might be of your interest. Reports are in that hackers have learned ways to exploit vulnerabilities in apps like Grindr, Romeo, 3Fun, and Recon to access personal info of consumers of these platforms. News is out that the bad […]


This post was originally published here by (ISC)² Management. One of the toughest challenges of cybersecurity is to raise awareness among users. Technology solutions are instrumental in achieving a solid security posture, but they only get you so far. There’s always the risk a user will make a split-second bad decision and open the door […]

Google wants tech companies to cyber police user posts

If you have a penchant to vent your anger related to any topic online then it’s better you change your attitude before it’s too late. That’s because Google has made a secret deal with tech companies to keep an eye on what their users are posting. According to Google’s 85-page document suggesting to the tech […]

Hackers siphon critical info from McDonalds Canada Website!

All those who have applied to McDonalds Canada website’s career webpage in between 2014 to 2017 are being alerted about a data breach which took place last week. As per the details available to the media, over 95,000 job seekers personal info has been compromised in the data breach and critical info is said to […]

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