Australia Victoria State Court System data breach by Russia

Recently, the court systems of Victoria State in Australia fell victim to a cyberattack, and suspicions point towards a Russian ransomware gang. The IT staff of the court systems reported a fraudulent infiltration on December 21, 2023, revealing that audio and video recordings related to sensitive cases were pilfered by hackers. While the full extent […]

Data Breach of Victorian Populace in Australia taken seriously

Data of Australian Victorian Populace appears to be exposed, as a technology company managing and serving was infiltrated by hackers on Wednesday last week. PNORS Technology Group, is the company that witnessed a compromise of its computer network recently, apparently spilling sensitive details to hackers. PNORS owns about 5-companies and information is out that hackers […]

Major regional hospitals in Victoria hit by a ransomware attack

Health services in Victoria took a major jolt when the IT infrastructures of some of the major regional hospitals operating in the region were hit by a ransomware attack. This includes Gippsland Health Alliance and South West Alliance of Rural Health along with health care service providers in Warrnambool, Colac, Geelong, Warragul, Sale, Bairnsdale, and […]

Australia to ban mobile phone usage in schools from next year

Australia is all set to implement a nationwide ban on mobile phone usage in schools from next year and is also intending to fund the purchase of new lockers or lockable pouches on a partial note. To start with, the country has decided to first start the ban in a phase-wise manner from the state […]

Data of Victoria’s Public Health System is vulnerable to cyber attacks

An audit conducted by Australia’s Victorian Auditor General’s Office (VAGO), Andrew Greaves has found that the data related to Victoria’s Public Health System can easily be hacked due to issues related to weak physical security, password management, and other access controls. “Our audit has discovered that the data related to the health services were vulnerable […]

Victoria State’s Cyber Security Strategy to get a boost with $17.6 million investment

The Australian government is becoming dead serious when it comes to raising the ante of its country’s cybersecurity defenses. And the best example to prove its objective is the recent $17.6 million investment allocated to deliver the Victorian’ government’s first ever Cyber Security Strategy. According to a press release issued by the State Government of […]

Traffic Cameras of Victoria hit by WannaCry Ransomware

Victoria Traffic Police Department has made it official yesterday that almost 55 of its speed monitoring and red light cameras were infected by WannaCry Ransomware. The malware flaw was detected last week when the cameras soon started to exhibit an unusual flaw of rebooting on their own for every 30 minutes. The Victorian Department of […]

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