Russian cyber forces cyber attack water tower just to make it overflow

A group known as the Cyber Army of Russia Reborn (CARR) has issued a stark warning, asserting its capability to breach United States water facilities and unleash chaos. This ominous declaration was accompanied by details shared on Telegram, showcasing their control over a water tower that resulted in overflow. Located in Muleshoe, a US drinking […]

Hackers try to poison Florida citizens through Cyber Attack

Hackers whose intention was to kill the citizens by inducting poison into their drinking water consumption facility targeted a small town in Florida. However, the massacre was averted by timely reaction of the administrator of the water utility. Going with the details, Oldsmar, a small town in FL consisting 14,000 people as populace, was hit […]

Cyber Attack on Israel water system

After experiencing an intense cyber attack in April this year, the Water Authority of Israel says that the country’s water management facilities suffered two more cyber incidents in June this year taking the total tally of attacks to 3 on an overall note. By god’s grace, the two new cyberattacks that took place last month […]

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