YouTube being used by hackers to spread Malware

When you’re casually browsing through YouTube channels and encounter a tempting link in the description, think twice before clicking. There’s a rising trend where these links can lead unsuspecting users straight into the jaws of malware. As the demand for game cracks surges among youngsters, cybercriminals are capitalizing on this trend to distribute malicious software. […]

YouTube becomes a heaven to info stealing malware

Whenever we see a YouTube video that is informative, we tend to go through the description or ‘show more’ feature and have a habit of clicking on the links. What if the link leads us to a website that is a malware dropper? A new report by cloud security firm CloudSEK says that there has […]

YouTube acting as a heaven to online fraudsters fake Cryptocurrency giveaways

YouTube, Google’s most trusted video sharing platform, is in news for all the wrong reasons. As per a research conducted by threat intelligence firm Group IB, fraudsters are using 36-40 fake YouTube Streams to attract over 200,000 viewers with fake cryptocurrency giveaways. According to the survey conducted by the Singapore-based security vendor, 67 people have […]

Google down outage not because of cyber attack

From the early hours of Monday, i.e. December 14th,2020 many of the uses using Google’s online services experienced a downtime for almost two hours. And as soon as the services of the web search giant went down, people searched is “Google down” or for any Google Outage. Reacting to such queries, the internet juggernaut issued […]

Information of nearly 235 million TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube users hacked

Information related to nearly 235 million TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube users were accessed by hackers when they targeted a database belonging to Social Data, a company that sells data related to social media influencers to various Marketing firms.   The data hack news was published in Comparitech’s latest security report where the company’s researcher Bob […]

Cyber Attack did not cause Google, Youtube, Snapchat and Gmail downtime

Google oriented web services such as YouTube, Google Photos, Snapchat, Gmail, Nest, Discord, and Vimeo were disrupted for almost 4 hours late Sunday. But on contrary to the ongoing rumors that the services were hit by a cyber attack, the Alphabet Inc, subsidiary has issued a press statement that the downtime was caused by a […]

YouTuber PewDiePie fans target victims with ransomware for 100m subscribers

Fans of YouTuber PewDiePie who happen to be hackers are seen targeting victims with ransomware and found displaying notices to inform victims that a decryption key will only be issued to them when the said YouTube Channel reaches 100m subscribers. Some of those hackers have also tweeted that if in case the Indian Bollywood channel […]

Google throws net neutrality into the air and starts censoring search results for good

Google has started censoring search results says a source from American news website Breitbart and all this is being done for ‘Good’ or for the sake of civility. Its said that the internet juggernaut has started to manually curate search terms and has started to blacklist those which are termed as offending or politically incorrect. […]

YouTube down due to DDoS Cyber Attack

YouTube streaming witnessed a 1-hour downtime in the early hours of Wednesday. So, people in many countries including Europe, US, Asia Pacific, and South America couldn’t stream their favorite videos due to the disruption. Reports are now in that a team of hacktivists named ‘The Ghost Squad Hackers’ was responsible for the downtime caused on […]

Youtube and Twitter to go with FIDO U2F keys for User Security

In order to take down fake and abusive content from their respective platforms, YouTube and Twitter are willing to opt FIDO U2F Keys by early next year. But security analysts suggest that the implementation of such high-security standards will take a lot of time and will also need user/s endorsement which is not possible in […]

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