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IBM confirms Johnson & Johnson Data Breach with 631k affected

IBM has officially confirmed a data breach involving Johnson & Johnson, impacting approximately 631,000 individuals. This breach occurred on the servers of Johnson and Johnson’s patient medication platform. While the issue has been resolved, IBM is now facing two lawsuits for failing to safeguard its customers’ data.

The breach, initially identified by IBM in early September, is now detailed on the Department of Health and Human Services’ websites. Since this breach violated HIPAA guidelines, Johnson & Johnson may be subject to prosecution by regulatory authorities and possible penalties in the future.

The compromised information in this cyber incident includes names, contact details, dates of birth, health insurance data, and information related to medications and medical history provided through the Janssen CarePath application, a health service unit of Johnson & Johnson. Fortunately, sensitive data such as social security numbers and financial information were stored on separate servers and remained unaffected.

American TV ad agency hit by ransomware attack

In another cyber-related incident, Ampersand, a TV advertising and technology company jointly owned by Comcast Corporation, Charter Communications, and Cox Communications, disclosed a ransomware attack. Ampersand provides viewership information to marketing companies and has reported that the Black Basta ransomware gang successfully breached their servers and accessed sensitive data.

Recorded Future, a cybersecurity firm, has been tasked with investigating the attack and has confirmed the presence of ransomware on Ampersand’s servers.

Henry Schein hit by cyber attack and faces data breach concerns

Henry Schein, a prominent healthcare service provider in the United States, has fallen victim to a sophisticated digital attack. The extent and consequences of the breach are still under investigation.

Henry Schein has pledged to notify all affected individuals about the data breach and provide guidance on mitigating any associated risks stemming from the attack. Further details on these incidents are eagerly anticipated.

D Link data breach confirmed after phishing attack on employee

D-Link a pioneer in offering networking equipment to the world has acknowledged that a data breach occurred when cyber criminals infiltrated into its network and stole data, only to post it on a breach forum.

As per the details available to our Cybersecurity Insiders, info like names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, account registration dates, user login history and source code of D-Link’s D View Network Management software were siphoned by criminals in the attack.

A hacker claimed on Telegram that customer- information of over 3 million lines was accessed and posted on the breach forum and that includes login credentials related to government offi-cials, CEOs, and employees of many companies.

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