UK Parking App exposes personal details of British Car Drivers


Personal details of thousand’s of car drivers were leaked out in a data breach linked to a British Car parking app. The leak exposed details of car drivers to other app users across councils across London.

As per our sources, hackers succeeded in breaking into the data base of parking payment app RingGo. News is out that a loop hole was created after an app update which was later on exploited by parking app users. And the issue appears to have affected drivers residing from Edinburgh to Hampshire.

Thousands of app users were surprised to find personal details of app users on their respective phones. Some even took the opportunity to contact those whose detailed were being exposed on the app of their mobile phones and informed them about the incident.

Details such as the registration of the car, the make, model, color, and the car’s parking history and names of individuals got displayed on the phones of the app users.

What was weird in this whole hacking saga was that the app users name was correctly displaying on the app. But users were shocked to see the details like payment history, parking history, car make and model details of other users on their respective phones.

RingGo assured that hackers could not use the hacked details to manipulate the details of users available on their database due to high security standards. However, RingGo admitted that over 2000 of its car parking app users were affected in this breach on a severe note and the company has assured that it will take all necessary steps to curb such incidents in future.

Note- RingGo is pay by phone service offering parking services in UK. The company claims to process over 2 million phone parking transactions every month and has over 6 million UK motorists as its customer base.

Naveen Goud
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