US accuses four Russian Government Officials for launching Cyber Attacks

United States Justice Department has accused four Russian government officials for launching cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of the Joe Biden led nation between 2012 to 2018.

The accused were named in two separate hacking incidents and evidence proved them as guilty in DragonFly cyber attack affecting thousands of computers in about 135 countries.

In a recently opened sealed document of August 2021, the department of justice indicted 3 hackers working for the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) for launching attacks on nuclear power plants, energy production firms and telecom companies across the globe- in between 2012-17.

Names of the accused are: Marat Valeryevich Tyukuv, 39; Mikhail Gavrilov, 42 and Pavel Akulov, 36.

And in a separate incident, the department of justice pronounced a judgment in June 2021 and the statement is now out, as the document was opened recently, for review by White House.

Evgeny Gladskikh, a 36-year-old person working for Russian military, was found guilty for hacking a Schneider Electric Automated Management System operating in an oil refinery to plant a malware named “Triton” capable of conducting espionage and data steal on electric utilities.

Both the cases were opened again to review the extent to which Russian cyber attacks could evolve and emerge, amid warnings by Joe Biden that Putin could attack their country’s digital infrastructure in the next couple of weeks.

Ironically, the United States of America can only indict criminals and pronounce imprisonment on hackers, but cannot extradite them back to their soil from Moscow to implement the court order/s……strange!


Naveen Goud
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