Western Australia to invest AUS $25.5 million to bolster state cyber security services


The Government of Western Australia has pledged to invest Aus $25.5 million to bolster the state’s Cybersecurity services. And the funding will come from the available Aus$500 million financial help related to Digital Capability Fund meant to bolster the state’s current cyber capabilities of intelligence exchange, prevention, detection and response to cyber threats.

Sources report that the funding will help in recruiting new talent required for the proper functionally of the cyber security operations centre meant to protect Aussie populace from cyber scams, currency stealing and cyber stalking.

Meanwhile, at the opening on Macquarie Telecom’s IC3 Data Center, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned that public and private entities should start prioritizing trust over costs and efficiency for data security.

And the alert was issued when the world has taken lessons from the ongoing cyber attacks on Ukraine by Russia that could trigger the world war 3 at anytime, soon!

Taking the newly built Macquarie Telecom’s Data Centre as best example, Morrison wanted companies to develop security skills and build secure critical infrastructure like the IC3 East.

Macquarie Telecom Data Centre is a 10MW server farm and is being officially called as Intellicentre 3 East (IC3 East). It was built to protect federal firms from cyber threats, mainly state sponsored cyber attacks.

Note 1- In February 2022, the Department of Home Affairs introduced 3 new parliamentary bills related to critical aviation and marine cybersecurity, mobile phone access to prisons, and the federal government ransomware action plan.

Note 2– The 2nd tranche of cyber laws are being introduced to create standard in the critical infrastructure framework for Australia’s intelligence agencies.


Naveen Goud
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