Western Digital shuts systems due to Cyber Attack


A cyber attack launched and identified on March 26th of this year has triggered the incident response teams of Western Digital (WD) to take appropriate steps to mitigate the cyber risks of the incident. And the data storage company admitted that its firm’s IT infrastructure might feel the repercussions related to the incident in the coming weeks.

Revealing the incident details on April 3rd, 2023, the network attached storage appliance producer stayed that it will cooperate with the law enforcement agencies in investigating the incident.

With an annual revenue of $18 billion, the company that is also into cloud storage services failed to acknowledge the incident as of ransomware variant. However, it assured to the media that it will reveal more of the cyber incident details after the probe gets done.

Suspicion has fallen on the Clop ransomware gang for the Western Digital Hack. Though, an official conformation is awaited!

NOTE 1- In June 2021, NAS devices from WD were infiltrated to install a wiper software. Hackers wiped out the information from the hard drives and when the user tried to take help of the remote management dashboard, the device started to exhibit “Invalid Password” message on the screen and the default ADMIN password also was showing null. Thus, prompting the users to take the company help to recover data. Information was then out that only a few networks attached to storage appliances could recover from the incident. And rest all fell prey to the hackers.

NOTE 2- According to Cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance, notorious CLOP ransomware laundered no less than $500 million in the year 2022.

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