We’ve been selected as a top three for container management and DevOps vendors by the Enterprise Management Association!

This post was originally published here by casey pechan.

We’ve got some great news, hot off the press this morning! The incredible team behind the Enterprise Management Association, or EMA, has included us in the “10 Priorities for Container Management and DevOps in Production and at Scale in 2018 (EMA Top 3)” report based on criteria obtained from surveying 300 US enterprises.

As you likely know, container management is the number one IT priority in 2018, with 72 percent of US enterprises challenged to ensure that their containers are brought back into or remain under the control of the IT organization. EMA’s report enables enterprises to drill into the 10 top priorities for a successful container implementation within a DevOps context, and offers product recommendations to help address each one of these priorities.

This marries perfectly with the debut of our latest solution, Container Secure: a broad set of automated compliance and security controls for containers. Container Secure is the only solution currently on the market that secures all three parts of container environments: container images, running containers and the container engine/host. The solution is a core component of our CloudPassage Halo platform.

“The containers ecosystem represents an entirely new attack surface that is disrupting security and compliance processes as they are gaining rapid adoption,” said Cliff Turner, Senior Solutions Architect at CloudPassage. “Our customers need one platform to protect both hosts and containers running on them, and we are now able to deliver that with CloudPassage Container Secure.”



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