A Global Cyber Warfare on America is on the cards says FireEye

FireEye CEO Kevin Mandio told to Axios on HBO that a cyberwar fare is on the cards and mostly likely it is going to target America first for reasons. Mandio felt that the evolution of connected devices will in some manner disrupt the daily lives of the populace as it was witnessed in the SolarWinds Hack.

The American populace is at the helm of being hit by the Adversaries leading to widespread disruptions to their daily lives, as many of their appliances won’t work and will make their lives miserable.

Mandia’s prophecy is unclear as the engagement around cyber attacks remains a mystery about what he was referring to and whether the threat applied to whole of the consumers using connected devices around the world.

To those uninitiated, after the SolarWinds attack that impacted 18,000 customers, American populace and the tech giants seem to have become super interested in stories related to cyber attacks. As from the past two months, an increase by 71% has been witnessed in the keyword researches related to American cyber attack, SolarWinds hack or SolarWinds cyber attack.

Points supporting Kevin Mandio’s theory- In the year 2019, most probably during the month of mid Sept, a hacker broke into the thermostat of a couple in Wisconsin raising their temperature to almost 90 degrees. And when they questioned him, he spoke to them rudely and played some vulgar music.

Similarly, during April 2020 several families from Chicago and Houston reported hackers were behind their CCTV cameras and thermostats and were threatening to hack them if their demands were left unattended.

One story that gathered a lot of attention from the media was a Nest cam hack from California, where the couple owning the device was forced to listen to a news story about intercontinental ballistic missiles from North Korea targeting some major US Cities.

Naveen Goud
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