Affected Optus cyber attack customers to get police protection

Australian Police authorities have released a press statement on Optus Cyber Attack and confirmed that they are going to protect the details of 10,000 affected customers from leaking online. Although the Telecom giant admitted last week that information of over 10 million accounts was accessed by hackers, the law enforcement has claimed that it will only protect the leaked data of only 10k customers.

Justine Gough, the assistant commission for the cyber wing of Australian Federal Police (AFP) confirmed the news and disclosed that his agency was trying its best to protect the stolen info from leaking online.

Unconfirmed sources report that the Singapore Telecom giant owned company is unsure whether personal details of 10 million customers were leaked in the attack, or details related to 10 million repetitive accounts were leaked.

As of now, news is out that Optus will pay the charges related to passport replacement of all those whose passport details were leaked in the cyber incident.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese led government has also assured that they will replace the driver’s licenses of compromised Optus consumers.

NOTE- To those who are concerned that their 100 point identification might have been compromised in the attack, the government of Australia has put banks on high alert for any kind of suspicious transactions and will do everything to prevent identity theft of targeted victims.


Naveen Goud
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