Alibaba Group faces over 300 Cyber Attacks per day


Alibaba Group, probably the world’s largest business Corporation from China has disclosed that its digital infrastructure faces over 300 million cyber attacks each day. However, the company has so far succeeded in thwarting all those attacks and has shown its valiance in the field of Cybersecurity to date.


Alipay which happens to handle over $50 billion transactions per day is reported to targeted by hackers on a daily note and has so far succeeded in thwarting more than 169 million attacks on its 1 billion users.


“For Alibaba Group, hacking attempts have become common these days. But we are proud that our infrastructure can deal with any type of attack”, said Jack Ma the founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group.


Remember, these details were disclosed just after a week when another Chinese Telecom company Huawei( Trade banned in the United States) claimed that it is being subjected to 1 million cyberattacks per day.


Note 1- Just a few months ago, a source from Alibaba said that a cyber attack in Feb this year tried to compromise account information of its 20 million users from the Taobao e-commerce website. Although the company sources remained tight-lipped on who launched the attack?; they assured that the incident was contained before any disruption took place.


Jack Ma disclosed that the cyberattacks were being averted by its website through Alibaba’s AI Intelligence. Ma suggested that the success story of foiling these cyber attacks conveys that machines were much superior to humans when it comes to mitigating risks related to malicious online behavior.


Note 2- Last Month, Jack Ma retired from the company’s business board after serving it for over 20 years. On Tuesday, he received an honor of Malcolm S Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions to entrepreneurship from Forbes Global CEO Conference hosted in Singapore.

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